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The Amish Project

February 24, 2010

From March 2-6, we are presenting 6 public performances of a dramatic one-woman play called The Amish Project. One of the most intense plays that we have ever presented, this work explores a very recent event in our history. A fictional exploration of true events, The Amish Project centers on the 2006 Amish school house shootings of five girls in Lancaster, PA. The play focuses on the tragedy that took place and on the path of forgiveness and compassion forged in its wake.

Writer and performer Jessica Dickey does a tremendous job as she portrays the play’s seven different characters (including the gunman and his wife). It is a performance that challenges us to think deeply about anger, violence, and forgiveness. I encourage everyone to see this fantastic piece of theater.

—Wes Brustad, President & CEO

Photo by Todd Mountain.