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The Amish Project

February 24, 2010

From March 2-6, we are presenting 6 public performances of a dramatic one-woman play called The Amish Project. One of the most intense plays that we have ever presented, this work explores a very recent event in our history. A fictional exploration of true events, The Amish Project centers on the 2006 Amish school house shootings of five girls in Lancaster, PA. The play focuses on the tragedy that took place and on the path of forgiveness and compassion forged in its wake.

Writer and performer Jessica Dickey does a tremendous job as she portrays the play’s seven different characters (including the gunman and his wife). It is a performance that challenges us to think deeply about anger, violence, and forgiveness. I encourage everyone to see this fantastic piece of theater.

—Wes Brustad, President & CEO

Photo by Todd Mountain.

Multiple One-Man Shows featured in 2009-2010 at the State Theatre

September 17, 2009

This season at the State Theatre we have quite a few one-person performances, 4 to be exact (not including stand-up comedians). There is no rhyme or reason to it, it’s really just a coincidence. In fact, it’s become an inside joke among the staff that next season we are going to present only one-person shows! (Just a joke folks.) Yet, we know, as many of us have already seen these performances in NYC or elsewhere, that these 09-10 one-person performances pack a big punch. Comedy, drama, and (sometimes) complete lunacy will ensue as each performer presents their own unique brand of theatrics. So, without further ado, here are this season’s one-man performances…

Oct. 27-30, 2009
Imagine Shakespeare’s Macbeth performed in 75 minutes—by a single actor. Oh, and did I mention that all of the play’s characters are portrayed in the voices of over 50 characters from The Simpsons? Read more.

One-Man Star Wars Trilogy
Feb. 6, 2010
Actor Charles Ross does it all…the characters, the action, special effects, and even parts of John Williams’ score. Read more.

Tomáš Kubínek
Feb. 19, 2010
A self-proclaimed “Certified Lunatic and Master of the Impossible,” his inspired fusion of clowning, acrobatics, music, magic, and absurdity will astonish and delight people of all ages. Read more.

The Amish Project
Mar. 5-6, 2010
A fictional exploration of true events, this is the story of a schoolhouse shooting in an Amish community, and the path of forgiveness and compassion forged in its wake. Read more.

The State Theatre is located at 15 Livingston Ave in New Brunswick, NJ. For information or to purchase tickets call 732-246-SHOW (7469) or visit Check us out on Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, and YouTube.