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Living like a Celebrity: State Theatre Date Night Packages

October 12, 2010

By Brigitte Bastaldo, Marketing & PR intern

Fine decadent chocolates, VIP seats to phenomenal theater, palette blinding dining and luxurious hotel accommodations… After a tiresome week of work, noisy kids, and towering piles of household chores, the lifestyle of the glamorous is, without doubt, an experience worth drooling over. As a New Jersey professional, wife and mom the thought of living like a celebrity—for even just one evening—is often far from fathomable. But something has changed recently that brings more glee to my soul than a random impulse purchase of a designer purse. You see, my husband and I just learned about the exciting Date Night packages offered by the prestigious State Theatre. Since then we have had the opportunity to not only see top-notch performances by international artists but we have had the opportunity to mingle backstage, sip wine, dine gloriously and more upon our recent trips to the State Theatre. Truly, State Theatre’s Date Night packages have brought a sense of exhilaration back into our lives—something well overdue.

Most who haven’t tried it yet just don’t understand my enthusiasm and loyalty to State Theatre as well as their Date Night packages. It is true that some other venues, commonly in NYC, occasionally offer some of the same perks I mentioned earlier. But it must be known that there is a distinct difference between State Theatre and these other venues that makes me favor the State Theatre without a blink.

I like the State Theatre and especially these packages because they are customizable; such that the package options are available on countless shows—not just a handful of specific shows throughout the year. I prefer them because, as a New Jersey professional, wife and mom, I don’t have to commute all the way to NYC to enjoy a wondrous night out. I like the State Theatre because I’m feel good about supporting my own community and a New Jersey based not-for-profit organization dedicated to supporting the arts.

Thank you State Theatre for the glamour and romance.

Listed below are some the packages offered now:

VIP Tickets

  • Two Seats in VIP Box Right or VIP Box Left
  • Backstage Pass Access
  • Boraie Donor Lounge Access for Complimentary Drinks and Snacks

Tickets Plus

  • Two Mid-orchestra Tickets
  • Two Glasses of Wine
  • One Box of Chocolate


  • Two Mid-orchestra Tickets
  • Hotel Accommodations
  • and sometimes Parking & Dining Credits


  • Two Mid-orchestra Tickets
  • $100 Dining Gift Certificate from Your Choice one of the Featured Restaurants Below
  • One Rose at Your Seat Before the Show

To learn more, visit: